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At LimoLiner, we are committed to sustainability, social responsibility and emissions minimization in an effort to support the environment while providing our riders a luxurious travel experience that they can feel good about.

According to research conducted by the American Bus Association,* motor coaches use less energy and produce fewer carbon dioxide emissions per passenger mile than other popular modes of transportation including airplane, train or personal vehicle. LimoLiner is proud to contribute to ongoing efforts in seeking greener transportation solutions.

Below are a few of our efforts currently in place. We are always seeking new opportunities to build an eco-conscious company and will update this section as we implement additional initiatives:

  • Investing in new liners featuring clean-burning diesel engines
  • Pursuing a Certification for Sustainable Transportation from the University of Vermont
  • Offering paperless boarding and ticketing
  • Dedicated recycling programs on our fleet and at our corporate offices
  • Serve onboard meals from caterers who source ingredients from sustainable farms

*2014 transportation emissions comparison study by the American Bus Association