Military & Veteran Discount Program

Military & Veterans Service Discount Program

LimoLiner is honored to welcome all federal uniformed active, retired and reserve United States armed service members including the Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marines, and National Guard. To thank you for your service, we invite you to join our Military Service Discount Program entitling you and your spouse to a 15% discount on all tickets aboard LimoLiner.

Program Details

  • 15% discount on all ticket base fares ($99 fare becomes $84.15)
    • Cannot be applied with other discounts
    • Not applied to other purchases (parking voucher, pet travel, etc)
  • Only valid for travel by the validated member and designated spouse
  • Military or Veteran issued ID will be required by attendant upon boarding
  • Valid credential must include the service members full name, picture and service designation or proof of veteran status. Acceptable forms of military-issued ID include active service card and guard/reserve military ID
  • Anyone and all misuse of the program can mean loss of membership and refusal of service

How to Join...

  1. Sign-up online by filling out the form below with your information. Can be appended to existing passenger accounts
  2. Must register with an official service email address to qualify for the program.
  3. Once submitted, the LimoLiner office will validate credentials and issue a promotion code (office uses group profile for individual) to the member
  4. Promotion code can be used on all future reservations for personal and spouse travel

Military Discount Program

Online Application Form

  • Your membership is not yet active until you receive a confirmation email with discount code.