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Putting the “Bus” Back in Business Travel

If you’re a business traveler tired of planes and trains, maybe you should look at an automobile — of the bus variety. “What’s that?” you may ask incredulously. “You’re actually suggesting that we business-suited captains of industry abandon our glamorous jet-set lifestyles in order to get on board… a bus?” Yes buses, deservedly or not, occupy the lowest rung on the transportation totem pole. But that’s changing for business travelers. — Yahoo Travel

Listen to Bob Weiss’s Business Travel Report on LimoLiner:

10 Ways to Get From New York to Boston

Although LimoLiner is another bus service, it’s very different from the rest! This is a luxury coach that offers passengers a lot more space, comfortable leather reclining seats with individual tables, and a selection of hot or cold food. Our onboard attendant is there to serve you drinks, snacks, meals, help you get connected to wi-fi, watch a selection of videos ... just like on a flight. Enjoy our treat!

Premium Bus Lines Emerge, Challenging Airlines

On its Boston to New York run, LimoLiner offers "leather recliner seats, on-board service attendant, complimentary meals, free wi-fi and room to stretch out or work."

MetroWest Express begins reverse-commute service

The Metrowest Express was officially commissioned for a new bus service running from Boston to Framingham at a ribbon cutting ceremony on Tuesday. The reverse commute service, operated by Limoliner and marketed by the Metrowest/495 TMA, had its inaugural ride Monday.

Travel Weekly

The trip ended with a chauffeured transfer via hotel Jaguar to the location of the LimoLiner, an appealing alternative for passengers to and from New England who want to avoid the tribulations of Penn Station and LaGuardia Airport. Short of a private jet, the combo bus/limousine, which offers an onboard attendant serving hot and cold meals and drinks as well as movies and WiFi, is a contender.

Are These Luxe Sleeper Buses Better than Flying?

For most travelers, a city-to-city bus journey is the lowest option on the transportation ladder. Buses are usually dirty and crowded, get stuck in traffic, bump and sway, and are slow. But not all buses are like that now. New bus lines operating luxury or lie-flat sleeper buses offer accommodations and services far beyond what Amtrak, airlines, or other bus lines can.

Boston to NYC Transportation Options

It’s such a great option for families – and they even offer pet-friendly trips.

Hitting the Road - In Style

Business owners who want to travel between Boston and New York City can now ride the roads in luxury. LimoLiner, a deluxe motor coach travel service, offers the best of air and land travel without the associated hassle, featuring executive-class amenities and high-touch service.

Destinations: American Bus Association Official Travel Publication

LimoLiner is featured in the May/June issue of Destinations, the official travel publication of The American Bus Association.

Wicked Local
LimoLiner Owner Receives Industry Award

LimoLiner Inc. President and CEO Mark Richardson of Stoughton recently received the BUSRide Industry Achievement Award from BUSRide Magazine at the 2017 United Motorcoach Association Expo.

Leah's Life: Pearls and Oyster

Spring Break in New England is a bit of a dilemma.  It is when the flowers start blooming. The weather is great and you just want to stay put to enjoy spring’s début.  On the other hand, it is a full week with no school for the kids and if you’re lucky you can take at least some of that time off too. So why not leave the house and chores behind and skip town? More.

Smarter Travel: The Secret Best Way to Get from Boston to New York City

As someone who travels from Boston to New York bimonthly, I’ve been frustrated time and time again at expensive fares, inconvenient time tables, broken-down trains, and flights into airports far from the city center. However, on a recent trip to NYC I tested out LimoLiner, and had my first pleasant experience between the two cities in a long time. Read More.

Travel Deal: Spring in the City Sale

LimoLiner wants us to know about their  ‘Spring in the City’ deal for travel between Manhattan and Boston.

Off the MRKT

This bus is perfect for those who don't want be cramped with others, and actually be able to access wifi.

Family Travel Deals

Family vacations are not cheap. Between the airline tickets (that are usually not discounted for children), the attraction tickets, and the high costs associated with traveling during school vacations (aka when everyone else is traveling), you’ll definitely need to budget.  However, there are some opportunities where you can save money and get some family vacation deals.

LimoLiner Celebrates Valentine's Month

Whether you travel with your sweetie pie or your little child, fares are 2-for-1 when taking the high-end motor coach between Boston's Back Bay and Midtown Manhattan.