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Putting the “Bus” Back in Business Travel

If you’re a business traveler tired of planes and trains, maybe you should look at an automobile — of the bus variety. “What’s that?” you may ask incredulously. “You’re actually suggesting that we business-suited captains of industry abandon our glamorous jet-set lifestyles in order to get on board… a bus?” Yes buses, deservedly or not, occupy the lowest rung on the transportation totem pole. But that’s changing for business travelers. — Yahoo Travel

Listen to Bob Weiss’s Business Travel Report on LimoLiner:

LimoLiner – The Bus that Flies Business Class

10 seconds. That’s how long it took for me to fall in love with luxury bus service company LimoLiner. I’ll tell you why in a moment.

Boston and NYC in 3 Days: An Itinerary

LimoLiner is quick and cost effective way to travel between Boston and New York, plus there's wifi, a meal, a movie and beverage service—all complimentary.

Haute Secrets Boston: Nick Penna, Jr. of SalonCapri

Best Driving Service: LimoLiner

Sandy Robins Online
Good News For Pets On The Go Between NYC and Boston

“Pet parents planning to travel between New York and Boston this holiday season that don’t want to be bothered with the crush at airports to get to their destinations have an alternative in the form of the pet-friendly LimoLiner…”

Boston Globe Magazine
How to make sure your next business trip isn’t terrible

“The trip harks back to the golden age of air travel, with an onboard attendant, meal and beverage services (including wine on evening trips), large, clean restrooms, and — remember this? — legroom!”

Take a Luxury Bus from New York to Boston

“If you want to put away your laptop and relax, get comfy in one of the bus’s large, leather, reclining seats; enjoy the complimentary snacks, beverages, newspapers and magazines; and watch a DVD movie or satellite TV.”

Luxury Coach Bus to Begin Service Between Boston and P-Town Today

“The Bay State Cruise Company has launched a new luxury bus that will transport passengers from Provincetown to Boston starting today (10/23)… LimoLiner is “a very comfortable way of getting down there and a nice alternative…”

Business Insider
I took a ride on the Rolls-Royce of buses — and it was better than Amtrak

“I’m massively impressed by the LimoLiner service. Considering what I got for $89 — comfy seats, a meal, drinks, snacks, and amenities like Wi-Fi and outlets — this bus beats Amtrak easily… for the price, LimoLiner is my choice.”

CBS Boston
All Things Travel: Boston To New York Travel Gears Up

“The company has invested a couple of million dollars in two new buses for greater comfort in first class seating… Hilton package deals, including room, food discounts and a museum admission, are available in both New York and Boston.”

Global Traveler
LimoLiner Upgrades Luxe Coach Experience

“LimoLiner, a provider of luxury coach transportation connecting Boston and New York City, has introduced a new look new brand look, an improved suite of onboard amenities and an upgraded customer service experience.”

Boston Herald
LimoLiner Expanding the Luxe

“LimoLiner provides a comfortable, productive journey for passengers with spacious leather seats, extra leg room, complimentary Wi-Fi, onboard satellite TV/radio, dedicated work spaces and an onboard attendant …”

The Boston Globe
Avon-based LimoLiner offers $89 rides from Boston to New York

“We’re the only company with this type of service, with an onboard attendant serving free snacks, meals, nonalcoholic beverages … It’s like first-class air service but on the ground.” — Q&A with Mark Richardson, LimoLiner president and CEO

Millionaire Corner
The First Three Letters in Business are B-U-S

“[L]uxury seating and loads of space for a traveler who wants to get where he is going for a lower cost and a much more pleasant travel experience…. leather seats with personal TV monitors and free Wi-Fi that works with more regularity than Wi-Fi on flights.”

CBS News
More Hitting the Road - by Bus

“[P]illows and blankets, super-clean bathrooms, high-speed Internet access, clear cell-phone reception, power ports at each seat, meeting tables at the rear of the vehicle, snacks and beverages, video and audio entertainment, and complimentary glass of wine …”

Washington Post
Business Travel: Shuttle Scuttlebutt

“The most notable is LimoLiner. It runs lavishly appointed motor coaches configured with just 28 reclining leather seats. It has WiFi, worktables, flowers in the lavatory, and an onboard attendant.”